Phoenix for advanced business services

A climate that's right for corporations

The forces at play in the Greater Phoenix economy have created an ideal business climate for corporations looking for a place to call home.

That's why companies such as Avnet, GoDaddy, PetSmart and Wells Fargo have chosen to make the area a home for national or regional headquarters. Traits that attract companies to Phoenix include:

  • Low business costs
  • Minimal regulations
  • A right-to-work state
  • Proximity to major Texas and California markets
  • Readily available sites
  • Access to an educated, skilled workforce

In addition, SRP's affordable prices and reliable power help further reduce operating costs. Doing business can be as much as 40% cheaper in metro Phoenix than in California.

Learn more about advanced and emerging business services in Phoenix from one of our partner agencies or contact an SRP economic development advisor today.