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Our Strategic Economic Services department looks forward to working with you to discuss economic development in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

Karla Moran Karla Moran
Awarded as one of North America's Top 50 Economic Developers by Consultant Connect.
Phone: (602) 236-2396
Marc Valenzuela Marc Valenzuela
Phone: (602) 236-2192
Natalia Cuneo Natalia Cuneo
Phone: (602) 236-5146
Erica Roelfs Erica Roelfs
Phone: (602) 236-2567

Site development

Do you have an empty building or unused parcel of land you think might make an appealing industrial site? We have a team of professionals dedicated to identifying existing and/or developing new industrial sites. For more information about our product development program, call Karla Moran at (602) 236-2396 or email

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