Energy storage is the next frontier in making a renewable and sustainable electric power grid more viable.

As an ideal hub for advanced manufacturing, the Greater Phoenix area is already home to several leaders in the energy storage space. The region’s dry climate and low risk for natural disasters make headquartering manufacturing operations here an easy choice. Add to that SRP’s rich and dependable history of providing superior service to high load factor customers and you can see why the Phoenix metropolitan area continues to see strong demand for energy storage facilities. 

among The lowest prices: Special rates for energy storage facilities

SRP provides the best value for your energy dollar with electricity prices that are among the lowest in Arizona and the region. This includes a new Large Extra High Load Factor (E-67) rate for advanced manufacturing facilities with:

  • A minimum load factor of 90%
  • A minimum load of 20 megawatts

Workforce Talent

An estimated 38% of Arizona residents hold an associate degree or higher, ensuring a highly educated talent pool. For firms looking to hire and retain talent with electrical engineering expertise, Arizona stands out thanks to specialized schools and training programs, including Arizona State University and the University of Arizona.

Energy Storage Highlights and Incentives:

  • Quality Jobs Tax Credit, up to $9,000 per new job
  • Refundable Qualified Facility Tax Credit, up to $20,000 per qualified employee
  • Arizona ranked in the Top 5 for technology and innovation manufacturing employment
  • No. 1 in the nation for solar electricity installed
  • No. 2 in the nation for net generation of solar energy
  • SRP is making significant investments in solar energy storage to bolster power grid

among The lowest prices: Special rates for energy storage facilities

UP TO $9,000

Quality Jobs Tax Credit

#1 in the Nation

Solar Electricity Installed

Up to $20,000

Refundable Qualified Facility Tax Credit

#2 in the Nation

Net Generation of Solar Energy

AZ Rank - Top 5

Technology and Innovation Manufacturing Employment

Significant Investments in Energy Storage

To Bolster the Grid


  • #1

    Top 100 largest public power utilities by generation

  • ONE

    Of the largest raw water suppliers in Arizona

  • 7.4 MILLION+ MWh

    In sustainable portfolio

  • #1

    In the nation for power reliability


  • 4.9%

    Corporate state income tax rate

  • 10%

    Historical Population Growth (2015-2020)

  • 48 million

    annual air travelers use our robust transportation infrastructure.

  • 5.1 MILLION

    Population of Phoenix MSA