Expert water resource planning

SRP's history of developing long-term water supplies and providing innovative water resource management is unmatched. We have 110 years of experience in water management and delivery.

We provide the following water resource planning services:

  • Water information: Our expertise in regional, state and local water planning issues, including water rights, supply development, and regulatory requirements, can help separate fact from fiction and provide a thorough understanding of the area's diverse resources and planning efforts for the future.
  • Water acquisitions and consulting: We can bring parties together and assist in facilitating the acquisition, delivery, sale or exchange of water. In addition, we can provide customers with technical expertise in addressing their water management and infrastructure challenges.
  • Water supplies for growth: SRP has joined with the Gila River Indian Community to create Gila River Water Storage LLC (GRWS). GRWS was developed to bring 5 million acre-feet of additional dependable, renewable water supplies to central Arizona. These supplies are created from the Gila River Indian Community's Central Arizona Project water resources and are targeted for landowners and industrial and municipal interests.
  • Water banking: Since 1994, SRP has been using the area's aquifers as banksOpen new site. to store renewable surface water underground. This pioneering management approach allows us to preserve groundwater supplies and develop water credits that can be withdrawn or exchanged with other partners when needed.
  • Water transportation and delivery: SRP operates a state-of-the-art water transportation and delivery system that is composed of 1,300 square miles of canals and laterals. This gravity based system provides a cost-effective way to transport water. SRP's connections to other water delivery systems also provide flexibility in facilitating water transfers and exchanges.

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Map showing SRP canals throughout the Greater Phoenix area, including the Arizona Canal, Grand Canal, Crosscut Canal, Eastern Canal, South Canal, Western Canal, Highline Lateral, Tempe Canal, newly constructed canal trails and Sun Circle Riding Trail.


Water for the future

Careful water management means adequate supplies for residents and businesses now and beyond.

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