Fiber network infrastructure in Greater Phoenix

We've built the foundation for the digital economy. Connect to superior power reliability and a robust fiber network to unlock your company's potential — at the speed of light.

It's no surprise why companies such as Intel, Boeing and Honeywell all choose to do business here.

Greater Phoenix boasts one of the largest fiber-optic networks in Arizona, spanning 1,800+ route miles across 15 cities in SRP's electric service territory. SRP's dark fiber is secure, extensive and built to scale. Benefits include:

  • Virtually unlimited bandwidth at a fixed cost.
  • Highly customizable. Get tailor-made solutions and flexible pricing terms to meet your business's unique needs.
  • Diverse. Plug into a network that is 90% diverse from other carriers.
  • Available. Connect to all major data centers and enjoy multiple route options for most locations.
  • Proven. SRP has been at the forefront of the industry, providing telecom infrastructure for 20+ years.

Learn more at SRPTelecom.comOpen new site. and explore our dark fiber network mapOpen new site..

More than 200 near-net commercial buildings and business campuses


Reliable power

SRP couples affordable rates with superior system reliability.

Water for the future

Careful water management means adequate supplies for residents and businesses now and beyond.

A low-risk investment

Phoenix's natural-disaster risk is among the world's lowest – ideal for data centers and critical infrastructure.

A global hub

International connections via road, rail and air, along with short commutes to ports make moving goods easy.