Phoenix reliable electric service and affordable prices

SRP provides the best value for your energy dollar by offering electricity prices that are among the lowest in Arizona and the region.

We offer numerous pricing options for businessesOpen new site..

In addition, SRP features a high-quality looped electrical system in metropolitan Phoenix. This is just one reason SRP consistently wins national awards for power quality and reliability and receives high performance ratings from our large-business customers.

Our commitment to quality doesn't end once you arrive. SRP offers businesses access to a Power Quality Services TeamOpen new site. that will investigate and help to remediate power reliability problems in your facility.

You'll also receive award-winning customer service from SRP's Distribution ConsultantsOpen new site. for large-business customers. Distribution Consultants and Strategic Energy Managers have firsthand knowledge and proven expertise to help customers take advantage of Arizona's lucrative business climate.

Accredited Economic Development Organization

The Accredited Economic Development Organization (AEDO) Program recognizes the professional excellence of economic development organizations (EDOS) through the International Economic Development Council. The AEDO Program provides EDOs with independent feedback on their operations, structure, and procedures. SRP is one of only three utilities to have earned AEDO status.

Commercial Rate Comparison
  • 37.70San Diego Gas & Electric
  • 33.97Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
  • 21.98Southern Cal. Edison
  • 21.34Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power
  • 16.10Sacramento Municipal Util. Dist.
  • 14.51Tucson Electric Power
  • 13.67Unisource Energy
  • 13.44Nevada Power
  • 13.22Sierra Pacific (NV)
  • 12.58Arizona Public Service
  • 12.27Public Service of NM
  • 11.82Public Service of CO
  • 10.76City of Colorado Springs
  • 9.80Salt River Project (SRP)
  • 8.13Pacificorp (UT)
  • 7.92El Paso Electric (NM)
Source: Dept. of Energy EIA-826 Reports for 12 months ending October 31, 2023
Industrial Rate Comparison
  • 27.69San Diego Gas & Electric
  • 26.92Pacific Gas & Electric Co.
  • 20.25Southern Cal. Edison
  • 20.06Los Angeles Dept of Water & Power
  • 12.49Sacramento Municipal Util. Dist.
  • 11.97Nevada Power
  • 11.17Sierra Pacific (NV)
  • 10.22Unisource Energy
  • 10.05Arizona Public Service
  • 9.28Tucson Electric Power
  • 8.93City of Colorado Springs
  • 8.14Public Service of CO
  • 7.23El Paso Electric (NM)
  • 7.08Pacificorp (UT)
  • 6.62Salt River Project (SRP)
  • 5.25Public Service of NM
Source: Dept. of Energy EIA-826 Reports for 12 months ending October 31, 2023
System ReliabilitySystem Reliability


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