SRP Sustainable Cities Program

Sustainable cities make a difference 

To thrive in the desert, communities here have always found ways to innovate and be resilient. The SRP Sustainable Cities Program recognizes Arizona cities that exemplify these traits and continue to push their sustainability efforts forward.

SRP Sustainable Cities are key in the continued economic development of the Valley of the Sun. Businesses and site selectors seek out communities that aren't just looking toward the future but are actively planning for it.

Along with environmental benefits, SRP Sustainable Cities gain numerous growth advantages:

  • Attract Talent – Future workforces want to work and live in places that implement active sustainability measures. 
  • Increase Consumer Demand – Customers expect, and will pay more for, goods that have been produced with sustainable practices. 
  • Boost Profits – Sustainability measures can actually reduce operating costs. 
  • Secure Investors – Investors increasingly take a company’s environmental practices into account before investing.

As an SRP Sustainable City, benefits may include:  

  • Receiving guidance in messaging your city’s sustainable assets and opportunities 
  • Increasing competitiveness for new talent, investments and jobs  
  • Improving overall quality of life and health for residents 
  • Serving as an example for other municipalities or organizations pursuing sustainable practices 
  • Sharing marketing opportunities around sustainability and resiliency practices in Greater Phoenix 
  • Connecting SRP sustainability resources to your goals and objectives 
  • Using the SRP Sustainable City seal 

How are SRP Sustainable Cities selected? 

The chart below shows the designation process and criteria for the program. The review, assessment and scoring are led by Boyette Strategic Advisors, a third-party, economic development consultancy, that developed the program alongside SRP Economic Development.

Completion of Sustainable Assets Questionnaire  

Community to complete and submit online Sustainable Assets Questionnaire.  

Review and Assessment 

Review Sustainable Assets Questionnaire by third-party consultant.

Individual Community Meetings

One-hour virtual meetings with each community individually to present findings to date, ask additional questions.

Delivery of Sustainable Inventory 

Consultant delivers final Sustainable Inventory and Designation status to each community individually in 1.5-hour in-person meeting alongside SRP Economic Development.

Designation Announcements

SRP will prepare a news release related to the program and the cities designated.  SRP will also share social media posts and list designated Sustainable Cities.

Take the first steps in becoming an SRP Sustainable City

To participate, communities are required to seek support from their city management and establish a working City Sustainability Team focused on the designation process.

For more information on the Sustainable Cities Program, please reach out to Marc Valenzuela at 

SRP Sustainable Cities Program seal

Current SRP Sustainable Cities include:

City of Mesa – Platinum 
City of Phoenix – Platinum 
City of Tempe – Platinum


Quality of life

See why Phoenix residents love calling the Valley of the Sun home.

A low-risk investment

Phoenix's natural-disaster risk is among the world's lowest – ideal for data centers and critical infrastructure.

Reliable power

SRP couples affordable rates with superior system reliability.

Water for the future

Careful water management means adequate supplies for residents and businesses now and beyond.