Affordable, renewable water supplies in Phoenix

Where does Phoenix get its water?

SRP is the Phoenix area's largest provider of water, operating and maintaining an extensive water systemOpen new site. that has delivered nearly 1 million acre-feet (325 billion gallons) of water annually to the region for more than 100 years. SRP can leverage its experience with water resource management and acquisitions to help provide customers with a renewable water supply.

Phoenix water availability

Unlike water providers in most urban centers in the West, Phoenix metropolitan area water providers have developed multiple sources of waterOpen new site., ensuring abundant water availability even during dry periods.

SRP uses a diverse management approach to ensure the region has reliable water supplies today, tomorrow and 100 years from now. This includes the following:

  • SRP manages seven large reservoirsOpen new site. on the Salt and Verde rivers and East Clear Creek with a combined capacity of nearly 2 million acre-feet (650 billion gallons).
  • SRP manages an extensive groundwater well system capable of delivering 350,000 acre-feet (114 billion gallons) annually.
  • Water is stored underground through groundwater bankingOpen new site. SRP operates two underground storage facilities with a permitted storage capacity of 168,000 acre-feet (54 million gallons) annually and is in the process of developing another facility in partnership with the Central Arizona Project.
  • SRP develops partnerships with other water users, such as the Gila River Indian CommunityOpen new site., to secure additional water supplies for cities, businesses and industry. Plans are to develop 5 million acre-feet (1.6 trillion gallons) of additional water over the next 15 years.
  • SRP supports water-use efficiency programs and conservation techniques that have led to drastic reductions in per capita water consumption over the past decade.
  • SRP always plans for drought, helping us plan our water use in even the driest conditions. Careful planning ensures the future prosperity of our customers and the communities we serve.

Greater Phoenix is a thriving market built within an arid environment and SRP has ensured the region a reliable water supply in the past decades— and that’s not changing any time soon. As our residential and business populations continue to grow, we’re finding new ways to expand water storage capacity, use hydrologic data and activate long-term climate plans. If you’re searching for a new place to plant your business, Greater Phoenix has enough water to help it grow strong roots.

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Map showing the SRP watershed, which includes Flagstaff, Prescott, Payson and Show Low, as well as the SRP watershed service area in Greater Phoenix. Also shown on the map are C.C. Cragin Dam, Horseshoe Dam, Bartlett Dam, Granite Reef Dam, Roosevelt Dam, Horse Mesa Dam, Mormon Flat Dam and Stewart Mountain Dam.


Resource planning

Tap into the water you need – now and in the future.

Green solutions

Greater Phoenix is where your business can be a leader in sustainability.

Reliable power

SRP couples affordable rates with superior system reliability.

A low-risk investment

Phoenix's natural-disaster risk is among the world's lowest – ideal for data centers and critical infrastructure.